Over previous years my experience as a distributor and demonstrator at numerous shows, my greatest wish for the new year is that everyone seek new direction and reappraise their own stylistic and technical evolution, with renewed confidence and enthusiasm. Creating nails should be primarily an exercise in pleasure !!!!  One of the most important an liberating forces is the ability to deliver a treatment with skill and confidence. A great new years resolution for the deeply committed would be to find new and inspirational education.

One of my biggest concerns for the industry is that the level of growth it is currently enjoying is a attracting a wide variety of training providers. Whilst variety and competition are good and should increase the choice and raise the standards of education this is not always the case. I personally would like to see more controls and responsibility placed on the training provider, in an attempt to guarantee quality.   
Recently the fusion of art and science, has created an obvious public interest in its fertile possibilities, offered by the technological advances currently available.  When we look at for example computer driven images, which use the nail as a canvas, I remember my initial fear was that my skill would be be redundant. Equally, I'm sure many of the great painters of our day, were deeply concerned about the arrival of the the photographic camera. However, history shows us that the work of a great artist will always remain and be in demand and that the new technologies have not only developed independently, but have became a useful instrument to record these great paintings
The thing that occupies me most is creating beautiful and exciting nails. When looking through some very old magazines to reflect on the nails of yesteryear I noticed their vulgar, pretentious and sentimental style would now be regarded as classics of kitsch, a screaming contrast to the new and now.
This year if we look at some of the great fashion Icons Chanel, Gucci, Versace, Valentino, the list continues many of their collections are quiet and sombre and reflect a higher profile in couture and line. Many are complimenting their collections with very understated make up and showing lips in very glossy caramels, coffees and warm honey colours, these contemporary skin tones are timeless classics and applied to clients nails  look good on all ages. I know from experience that generally when clients select colour, like magpies they are always naturally attracted to that metallic, sparkly raspberry red colour, and the the world of brown is never first choice and often very misunderstood. Take clients out of their comfort zone and get them to try something new, with this in mind I would like to share my thoughts on new nail trends.      
In the future I foresee an emergence of much more radical nail art that not only stimulates the delicacy of the eye but also seduces the aesthetics of the mind. I would like to see a much more violent and expressive use of colour, and more unorthodox exploration of form, encapsulated in dazzling brilliance. I do not expect an overnight change in attitude, but I believe if some of you reject convention, you will begin to live and the initiated will be sent into ecstasy

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