By Gina Buccilli

An inordinate opinion and love of oneís own excellence as described by the dictionary, simply translated means professional arrogance. I have often encountered people within this industry who still believe that the courses they attended ten years ago are sufficient to get by with today. Rest assured this industry is changing fast both technically and chemically. If you really must stroke your ego then why not update yourself with a new training course and display some glossy, new and current certificates in the salon. Alternatively, if you are feeling really confident, then why not enter the competition arena, and show people what you are really made of.
Time is money! I do believe that the majority of people often devalue themselves and their time. However there is a technician I once knew, whose treatment times would have interested Einstein, on the grounds that anyone who worked that fast, ought to finish ten minutes before they started. This is a classic example of greed, we all know what commercially acceptable time limits are, so why are there people around who insist they can apply a full set of nails in twenty minutes? I also feel nail biters need a little more financial compassion, due to the frequency of their initial visits. The longsighted Technician always enjoys the rewards of this kind of support.  

I lust after the perfect set of nails, thin nails with balance, flawless mathematical symmetry, uniformity, consistent apex placement, unblemished color and clarity, with crisp deep white smile lines, immaculate upper and lower arches, an amazing C curve pinched to perfection, with soft natural lanula embedded into an invisible cuticle area and the kind of surface refinement that would grace the facet of a polished diamond.
I can only suggest that your desire and passion to create such beauty will result in your clientís wish to demand you as their favorite nail technician. 

Personally I donít have much time to be angry, and as a new mum running a business, the thought of hot tempers and wild rages just sounds too exhausting. However if you are consumed by anger and negativity, think of all the time you are wasting when you could be pouring positive energy into your career and work. If you are suffering from a strong unjust feeling towards another work colleague, speak with your manager they may be able to help resolve the matter. Often a little kindness and humility can go a long way to resolve conflict at work. If all else fails I find standing in a cupboard, pulling my hair whilst talking to myself rather useful. If occasionally a client makes you hot around the collar, always remember they pay the wages, and some of you may have the opportunity to wax them on occasion.

I cannot think of anything worse than holding hands and sitting in close proximity to someone, for an hour and a half who had been drinking to excess the night before. Reeking of alcohol and cheap takeout is simply not conducive with the clinical environment created by the professional. Equally shocking is eating at the nail desk, remember if you eat at a dirty desk, you will ingest product. Donít forget to use lidded cups or capped bottles if you need a drink. Always schedule some time for food, our days can be long and demanding, many of you are already working on your first stomach ulcer. 

Could it be the salon across the road always seems busy and you are always quiet? If you envy someone or something you should ask yourself why, donít turn envy into green-eyed jealousy, use it to create healthy aspirations. If this salon is very successful, ask yourself what you think is itís winning formula and use it as a yardstick to set yourself some personal goals. I guarantee you that most of the people in this industry you envy, will have worked very hard to achieve the level of success they currently enjoy. Aim high and be prepared for maximum effort, the worlds your Lobster!

Nearly every nail technician I know works hard, long hours delivering treatments and most have a conscientious and meticulous approach to their work. Unfortunately not all people have the same enthusiasm or demonstrate the same diligence where hygiene and general housekeeping is concerned. For some clutter grows in the dark like mushrooms, the next thing they know they own a fungus farm, literally. Always ensure universal hygiene is observed at all times, sanitize, disinfect and sterilize. Health and safety should be part of your everyday routine, remember your self -preservation is important too.

The other demon that must be exorcised from every nail desk is the lazy girl rebalance. You know who you are with your clipping, shadowy fill lines and free edges as thick as doorsteps. This shabby effort will always turn around and bite you on the bum!

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